Jogging with your dog: These 18 good reasons this possible.

Fifty minutes, that’s Moccas’ record at 10 kilometers.

¬†At five years and 30 kilos, my beautiful Blanca Kane lady is in the best running form. Where I live, there’s a warm climate, and the United State race is perfectly prepared for running in the heat. Its efficient step frequency and short fur help it to keep higher temperatures well away.

Before you walk with your dog, you should think about whether he or she is really built to run. If you’re not sure, ask your vet. Because, of course, a run session with your dog should be fun not just for you, but for both of you.

As long as your dog is a healthy, satisfied runner, there are many reasons why you should run around:

  1. More fun running

You take the leash and the dog hops and fault with joy. These scenes are known to every dog owner. With such enthusiasm for running, you’d rather tie the running shoes.

More fun running

  1. Blast two birds with one stone

Your dog has to go out anyway – if you tie this right to your run, you’ll save the usual round of gas. This gives you more time to cook something healthy and tasty!

  1. He is the most likable partner in the training

Your favorite will be faster and faster than you. Unlike human running partners, he doesn’t rub it under your nose.

  1. No more without motivation

Anyone who has been jogging with his dog knows how much fun and motivation dogs can use to walk over meadows and fields. If you go by the way (or after), the motivation automatically increases.

  1. Your immune system benefits from this

Because our loving four-legged friends don’t get deterred by snow or rain. You always feel like walking, even in bad weather.

  1. Your dog is making the most of you

By probably running a piece in front of you, your dog will play you optimally. Your natural instinct to catch up with him makes you faster than slower.

  1. You choose a healthy running environment

To make your four-legged friend have something to snorkel (or read newspapers as you like to say), you automatically control green areas, meadows or forest paths. For your lungs and mood, of course, also ideal.

  1. Someone is looking after you

Especially on dark days, it is safer to walk with a dog on its side. Dogs automatically deter – no matter what size. And all those who have small dogs know that they can make the most noise (unfortunately mostly quite unfounded )

  1. You seem more attractive

People who practice sports have a positive and friendly appearance. But if they are still animal-loving and traveling with their dog, they will continue in the attractiveness rankings.

You seem more attractive

  1. You live right now

If you run over cane and stone, you must also be careful if your dog does not accidentally dig up other animals and start hunting them. So you’ll keep your eyes open and watch your favorite. Worries about everyday life or thoughts about the work are guaranteed to have no place – so you’re living at the moment. Jogging with your dog: These 18 good reasons this possible.

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