Parking and Transit


Pittsburgh is famous for its compact downtown.
From the Point to the Crosstown Blvd, the Golden Triangle measures only one mile; that’s an easy 20 minute walk – only 6 minutes on a bike. Nearer to Market Square (the Heart of Downtown), it’s only one-quarter mile or five minutes from river to river.

And as a model for urban recreational trails, we have bike paths along the rivers and many places to lock up your bike while you’re here.


From First Avenue Station all the way to the North Shore, the “T” subway is free. You can also take advantage of the Downtown Free Fare Zone on Port Authority buses.
You can park anywhere in downtown Pittsburgh and easily get to Market Square.

Enter any of the downtown “T” stations – Steel Plaza (Grant St at Oliver Ave), Wood Street (Liberty Ave at Sixth Avenue) or simply park at the First Avenue Garage (it has a built-in T station) – and head for the Gateway station (Liberty Ave at Stanwix St).

With the completion of the tunnel under the Allegheny River, you can take the free TPlus ride between the North Shore stadiums and downtown. Park on the North Shore for a Pirates or Steelers game, then zip into downtown for a bite at Market Square. It’s only a two block walk from the Gateway station (Liberty Ave at Stanwix St).

Or hop aboard a Port Authority bus for that Downtown Free Fare Zone ride. – Port Authority Light Rail and Subway system – Port Authority full system information

Google map – Get directions to Market Square